Lower Yuba River Studies


Welcome! This site is dedicated to providing you with all of the available information about the scientific study and management of the lower Yuba River in north central California.

Where Exactly?

As illustrated in the image below, the lower Yuba River is located in northern California in the United States of America. It begins at Englebright Dam and ends at the confluence with the Feather River, which is located at the neighboring cities of Marysville and Yuba City.

What About It?

The lower Yuba River is arguably the most dynamic and interesting river in California's Central Valley today. The Yuba watershed above it is very important for environmental and societal needs. As a result, the Yuba is an epicenter of major planning and management for the benefit of Californians and to fulfill our societal obligation to be good stewards of nature.

This website provides a diversity of information about five different major topics: water, landscape, ecology, management, and history.

A Work In Progress

This website is being developed by Professor Greg Pasternack of UC Davis. Prof. Pasternack has been researching the LYR since 2003 and is heavily involved in a variety of LYR scientific, education, outreach, and management activities. It takes time to develop a website with as much information as is planned for this one, and it is done on an ad hoc basis. Please be patient. If you want to know something in particular, please just contact Prof. Pasternack by email with what you what to know.